Tuesday 13 March 2012

Round, round.......

Happy chickens in their new Chicken World.

We currently have only 8 Hylines, 1 Light Sussex (Lofty) and four Lavender Pekin Bantams (Alice, Little Lucy, Poppy and Daisy), Mr Fox and old age have taken it's toll on our lovely girls this Winter.  Hopefully we will be able to pick up some more laying girls this coming weekend now that we are settled in and Chicken World has been established.

The shed door.......

Why the title round, round.....I hear you asking....  well yesterday stood in front of the shed I decided to take a sweep of photos to give you a little glimpse of a section of our new outdoor space. 

 In total we have four acres, mostly laid to pasture with the stable block dividing the two paddocks and the office building tucked at the edge of the woodland.  (We do not have access to this rather hi-tec office, it's currently being used to store the majority of our landlords furniture while he is working abroad.) It forms the backdrop for what will be the Kitchen Garden.

...the first turn takes me to the trampoline, Chicken World can be glimpsed just behind on the left.  We are using the right hand paddock, dividing it into thirds so the girls always have fresh grass and the previous area can be rested and mown before they go back onto it.

The next turn takes in the edge of the membrane that is covering the ground that will be the Kitchen Garden.  Note the handy picnic table, neatly placed for drinking coffee and planning the planting and weeding of the soon to be in place raised beds.  Of course if I'm feeling fit I could make use of the little climbing wall.....

...or the slide and swings!!

Sweeping round again we see the side of the house, the window is one of the kitchen windows, and the green square thing is the oil tank.  In the foreground is the pond with a rather large Bay tree to the left of it.

Yesterday we had visitors on the pond.  Mr and Mrs Duck, they flew away when they saw me and the dogs....I hope they come back.

A final turn shows a little climbing tower thing, left out by our landlord, and behind that over the fence our neighbours paddock, tennis courts and in the distance their Walled Garden.  The traffic cone is on our track which runs behind the shed and turns left there, and then about three hundred yards on we have a road, a real road that takes us to civilisation.

And back to the shed, currently full to bursting with tools and car boot stuff waiting to be sold. It will have a proper window soon, the glass that came with it was slightly too big so polythene was tacked on temporarily, then when Lovely Hubby picked it up to take it to the glaziers to get it trimmed ....he dropped it!! 

I hope you enjoyed this little circular tour of our place, I'll try and take some shots of the rooms in the house today, now that normality has almost descended.

But first I have one thing to say.....

Happy Birthday Mum

I love you lots, you are having a hard time at the moment and I am SO proud of the way you are doing your very best to look after my Dad, thinking of you today, see you soon.

Sue xx


  1. That all looks amazing. Love the children's climbing things - you could race around on your knees:)

  2. Haha.....don't give me ideas!!

  3. Wow what a garden..the girls would love all those toys..mind you i wouldn't mind them either..think i almost broke our swingset last year..going to high and too fast lol..nevermind its good to have fun in the garden...

  4. That bay tree sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I love putting a bay leaf into my cooking but they are very expensive. You'll have to dry lots to take with you when you move next time - or is it possible to propagate one...? I'll have to google that one now to answer my own question.

  5. Oh Sue, it's lovely, you must be feeling so happy now you're in, it's such a wonderful place....and all that space! Do you have plans for it all? (are you allowed to do much to it while you're there?).

    Regards, Sooze

  6. Chicken world looks safer..more protected than before...perhpas it is the trees in the background..anyhoooooo... When do we get pics of you and hubby playing on the trampoline?
    Jane x

  7. Happy Brithday to your Mother, Sue x

    I also wanted to say, I have been coming by and reading your posts, just not commenting as usual. I am thoroughly enjoying the posts your share of your new home and amazed at how you have put your loving stamp on it x. Your space is wonderful. Admiring your chooks.

  8. Love the Photo's Sue. You have done so much in such a short space of time and it all looks great

  9. just enjoy that "because its Tuesday" chammy, and toast your mum!

  10. I do like the look of that trampoline. Even at my (advanced) age, I was able to do a star jump and touch my upstretched arms with my feet! Young neighbour looks on in amazement!

    It all looks super, a lovely set up for you.

  11. cor blimey alton towers! can I come and play?

  12. I am in love with your hens xx

  13. Hi Sue,
    I'm very envious - what a lovely set-up you have and I'm looking forward to seeing some more! There is a chicken breeder very close to you in Aldermaston, I attended one of her intro to chicken courses, which was brill.
    Alison x

  14. What a lovely post Sue!

    Chicken world is literally out of this.. erm... world! It looks amazing. The picture also demonstrates how bantams and larger hens can cohabit perfectly. So many people frown upon allowing them to be together. Our bantams and big girls live in seperate eglus but have great fun together when they are out to roam.

    Again, fantastic tour, really enjoyed it!


  15. Ducks have an amazing sense of self-preservation, don't they?
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