Sunday 11 March 2012

The Family is Complete

The family is complete!!  All cats, dogs, humans and birds are now in residence.

Toby an old hand at moving house is happily tucking into breakfast.

Archie pops back in through the cat flap after a couple of hours exploring the woods to see what's on offer.......

... and decides that a drink from the dogs' water bowl is first on the cards.

All mooching about making no room for humans in the doorway, deciding what to do next. 

The cats have been in and out of the catflaps all night, exploring the house and the surrounding land to their hearts content.  We didn't see the need to butter paws or keep them locked up for long, they have all lived through moves before and are secure animals, once they know where we are and where the food is they generally have a good sniff around and then spread themselves farther and farther afield. We have set their little wigwams up in the Office/Utility room next to the new ones we bought for our adopted cats, they will get their new ones later, but we thought scents of home more appropriate at first.

We have no idea if they have crossed paths with Muffin and Ginger yet, (our resident house cats) but no doubt they met each other at some point during the night.  We will not be forcing them to be friends, just hoping they can live in acceptance of each other.  Our cats know us and Muffin and Ginger know the area and the house, they are all neutered Toms, so really they should all be on a level playing field to start their relationship with each other.  Only time will tell.

Today is being spent with Lovely Hubby unloading our second henhouse, which we brought here yesterday and me trying to make more sense of the kitchen cupboards.  We are both so relieved that we de-cluttered so extensively last year, selling all our excess through the car boot sales and Ebay, we were saying to each other last night how full to the seams this place would have been with all that extra stuff.  As it is we are going to spend this Summer de-cluttering even more, space is lovely, surfaces are lovely.....clutter is not.

Off to get on with it now, enjoy your Sunday.

Sue xx


  1. I'm really enjoying sharing your new home xx

  2. when me 'n' my cats (now long gone) made the move in with Ted, The Tortie took up residence under the spare bed where she stayed for a fortnight, but the wise and elderly tabby curled up in front of the fire until teatime, when he nonchalantly got up, stretched, jumped onto the kitchen table and stole the roast chicken!!

    The sight of my new husband chasing cat and chicken around the garden is still one of my fondest memories!

  3. Lovely to see that you are all together safe and sound in your new home in the country Sue! Have been following your journey and this is my first time commenting! Enjoy!

    Cheers, Karen.

  4. We have a number of cats who all live in peaceful tolerance of each other. They will love exploring their new space.

    De-cluttering is something I will have to do as soon as I have talked myself into it ;-)

  5. So glad the cats are all home now. I would have been worried to death but I know how smart cats are. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday in your new home, you both probably need some rest!

  6. Its a real home now all the critters have arrived. Really enjoying seeing your progress.

  7. The cats must love their new outdoors areas, so much to see and explore.
    Glad you are all there so to speak.
    Good luck in your New to youHome!

    Sandie xx

  8. So glad it's all coming together xx

  9. I've never met a cat who didn't eventually fit in..yours will be fine.
    Jane x


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