Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Question -

Question - where can you get question mark shaped cucumbers?

Answer - my cucumber bed......I seem to be specialising in them this year.

Question - when is it a good time to eat a diet low in carbs and rich in vegetables, including lots of lovely salady ones.

Answer - when everyday your veggie beds and polytunnel yield enough to feed you a lovely variety of fresh pickings that taste gorgeous and are full of goodness.  Where else can you get from soil to plate in less than 30 minutes other than by growing it yourself.

Although Lovely Hubby is successfully getting his blood sugar levels under control and all his readings are now moving into much more normal levels, he is losing weight very slowly and I am struggling to lose the stone I want to lose, so this week we are upping the ante slightly.  I have been reading a brilliant book for Vegetarians wanting to do a low carb diet.

Available on Amazon click here to go straight to the right page.

So taking the advice in it we are reducing carb levels for a two week period.  Luckily it means we can eat loads of our yummy vegetables and I get to eat the cheese, eggs and Quorn that I love to give me the 60g of protein a day that the diet recommends you aim for as a minimum.  Lovely Hubby of course can carry on having his chicken, fish and the odd fillet steak to accompany his salads and vegetables. 

We have to avoid milk wherever possible, but we are allowed cream in our coffee, we are allowed sugar free jellies with cream if we crave something sweet after a meal and I have lots of sugar free sweeties over from the Dukan Diet for us to use up. 

So I don't think it's going to be a hardship do you?

Off to feed the piggies now, the newest piglets are up and about with Maud their Mum now and she's letting me pick them up  without any grumbling and the good news is she does have 14 teats so no-one struggles at feed time.

Sue xx

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