Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Good Day

It's been a good day, the rain poured down, with only brief interludes of sunshine, we've been busy from 6.30 this morning, but we have achieved SO much.

After feeding the young pigs and the chickens, we enticed Martha, with the use of some lovely juicy plums into the trailer and set off for her new home.  Once she was unloaded she did a couple of circuits of her new paddock and who should hear her from the other side of the fence, but Maud who we delivered there yesterday.  She trooped down to the fence with all the babies in hot pursuit to say hello to her newly arrived sister.

We left them in the very capable hands of Anthony and his staff at Fallowfields Country House Hotel to settle in and prepare themselves for Monday when they have the wonderful Fallowfields Fair going on, with farm tours and lots of activity and crafts for all the family.

To see more of Maud and Martha's arrival there, and news of his gorgeous little Dexter calf that was born overnight visit HERE, Anthonys' wonderful Blog post from this afternoon.

When we got back there was just time for half a cup of coffee before the arrival of Alex all the way from South Wales with his two little boys, who quickly made themselves at home on the farm, cuddling chicks and helping with the loading of the three pigs arks they were buying off us.

After scones and coffee round the kitchen table they set off back for home with the first acquisitions of their new pig breeding enterprise.

So a successful day in our downsizing of the pig empire and after a swift tidy up of the house, it's been a horrible muddy day here on the farm and with two dogs trooping in and out of the house while we were busy outside things were a little 'foot printy' to say the least.  The time is now just before 5pm and we are chilling out, something we have never been able to do before about 7 or 8 o'clock before now.  Maybe a sign of times to come when we can start to take a bit of much needed time to ourselves.

The car is loaded up ready for a car boot sale either tomorrow or Monday, we will wait to see what the weather holds in store for us before we set off for an open field!!

Sue xx

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