Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Pigs

Jason was home for a couple of days this week and he went round the farm taking photos of the animals, so I thought I'd share a few of his snaps on here.

The top picture is Maud's first time properly out of the ark, wallowing in the mud with her new 3 day old piglets carefully on the sidelines, well the 9 more confident ones anyway, the others were huddled together in the corner of the ark waiting for Mum to come back in.  She has 13 surviving piglets, which is a brilliant success rate and they must be sharing nicely as she has only 12 teats.

The babies being very brave and stepping away from Mum.

Our four 5 month old Middle Whites enjoying their tea.

A real family group, Martha, some of her 6 piglets now eight weeks old and ready for weaning and Miss Piggy, Maud's daughter from her last litter.  All waiting at the fence for tea to be delivered.

Miss Piggy and Auntie Martha.

Tinka, Tayla and Gypsy enjoying some potatoes for tea.

Gypsy looking up to say 'Thank you'.

The Kune Kunes have been found a fantastic new home in Somerset and will be going to meet their new Mum and her family next Friday, so it was nice that Jason had the chance to say goodbye to them.  They have been gorgeous pigs to have on the farm and I would highly recommend them to anyone with an acre or so to spare and want an intelligent, friendly lawnmower.

All our pigs get on well with each other and usually when we mix and match them after having litters and being on their own for a while there is a little bit of skirmishing as the pecking order is re-established and then they all get back to the business of basking in the sun, wallowing in the mud and getting to the best position at the trough for tea time.

While we will miss them on the farm when they have all gone by the end of September, it will mean a lot less hard work and will enable us to move on with our plans for the future. 

Today I am loading the truck with all the sorted out goodies for the Car Boot sale tomorrow, fingers crossed for sunshine we have a LOT to get rid of.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx

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