Thursday, 25 August 2011

Last Day on the Farm

Today is the last day on the farm for Maud and her thirteen little tearaways.  She is being a brilliant Mum, keeping them in order, introducing them to new foods day by day and taking them for walks around the orchard when they get too boisterous, something I've never seen done before to get piglets into order, but I suppose needs must when you have so many to control.

They still crash out in their favourite hollow, but now they fill it to the top, they have grown so much in their three short weeks, the boys play fight with each and they all explore every nook and cranny of their surrounding area, nibbling at undergrowth (and hosepipes) and visiting the other pigs in their pens.

I'll be sad to see Maud go, of all our pigs she is the most gentle, the only one that wouldn't dream of pushing and jostling me for the bucket, she is calm and laid back and likes nothing more than a back rub and a tickle behind the ears, she eats carefully out of my hand and will trot quite happily beside me until I decide where to pour her food.

Maud aged 4 months back in October 2009.

Tomorrow she leaves for her new home at Fallowfields Country House Hotel, where she will be joined on Saturday morning by her sister Martha.  They have many happy years to come, living in wonderful surroundings with people that care and lots more lovely babies to nurture.

Sue xx

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