Monday, 1 August 2011


Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.......everywhere we look we have spuds.  My lovely parents have been harvesting the crops while we have been away and we have four big buckets of potatoes, plus the ones above.  We still have two more beds to harvest....unfortunately since Lovely Hubby's diagnosis he is not allowed to eat......potatoes!!

We are going to have some very happy pigs here on the farm over the next couple of weeks.

I have taken back control of the farm from Caldwell and I'm having a stern word with him....he's obviously trying to take over the farm by increasing Lavender Pekin numbers.  While we were away he has had two more offspring born.  Two of our Speckledys have been sharing egg sitting duties and have managed to hatch out a chick each.  They are living very companionably in our little broody house, looking after their tiny 3 day old chicks.

Normal blogging has been resumed.

Sue xx

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