Monday, 8 August 2011

Living happily together.

The Lavender Pekin chicks that I hatched 15 weeks ago are now living free with all the other chickens.   They choose each morning to push through the stock fencing and take up residence in the Orchard with the pigs, which is brilliant for both them and the pigs.

William sat on his own, his distinctive colouring sets him apart in a most handsome way.

Although there are eight boys and one girl they all seem to get on fine, sometimes little Kate comes back through the wire to spend time with the older Pekin girls and sometimes she is happy to stay with her brothers.

They all love the exposed roots to the trees and spend hours sat in rows in the shade.

A rare photo of all nine of them together.

At feeding time they all magically pop back through the fence and get stuck in with the others.  Although we now let all the birds mingle with each other they all still go back to their own henhouses each night, although the girls aren't fussy and will lay their eggs in any of the houses.

It's a lovely sunny morning here on the farm so I'm off to give the dogs a good run before I get stuck in to yet more weeding.

Sue xx

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