Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Pig Free Zone

Last night we delivered (in two journeys) the last pigs on the farm to their new home.

Feeling so guilty as they all rushed to the fence to see Mum, and her tomatoes, I was at least pleased that we have found them a good home.  Yes, they will be turned into sausages etc, but not for a few months and in the meantime they will be well looked after by our friends Charles and Sue who have Sandy Lane Farm just a couple of miles from us.

It was Sue who taught me how much pigs love their backs rubbed and their ears tickled.  They helped us out with straw when we ran out, and we have both been there for each other when pig feed deliveries have been slow in delivering on time.  They run an organic farm with all the animals benefiting from all the excess veggies that don't get sold at the Farmers Markets they run and attend.  So my lovely little boys and girls will at least spend the rest of their lives with people that care, eating food that is good and mixing with lots of other pigs on the lovely Oxfordshire countryside.  I couldn't have asked for much more.

Now their arks have been swept out (backbreaking work) and are ready for us to sell at the Thame Smallholders Sale in a couple of weeks.  Three of them left the farm on Saturday and we have 5 more to sell, the end of our little pig empire.

Back tomorrow with news on the chicken front!!

Sue xx

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