Friday, 19 August 2011

Do Not Read if you Are Easily Upset

Do not carry on reading if you are easily upset - really!

Mr Fox came to visit yesterday.  Or perhaps it was a couple of foxes.  The electric fence had shorted in the torrential rain we were having, the dogs were inside keeping dry (you can't blame them).

Outside a massacre took place.

Death count 

 8 Lavender Pekin Bantams
3 Hylines
2 Speckledys
1 Welsummer - 'Bourneville'

The other girls (and boys) are completely shell-shocked.  The houses were looking very empty last night.  Our last remaining Welsummer , Fudge, is devastated, she has lost her three sisters one by one over the last year, they went everywhere together.

Today I am on Fox watch, the fence is on and working, Maud is loose in the Orchard so she can protect her piglets (they still fit through the stock fence so escape from the pen on a regular basis but remain in the Orchard luckily).

The farm is a quiet place.

RIP my beautiful girls, I'm SO sorry your end was so brutal.  I'm sorry there are no words left in me today.

Sue xx

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