Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Population Explosion!!

Yep....we've had a populaton explosion on the farm, all thanks to Maud who has just finished giving birth to 15....yes that's right 15 babies.

Up to now all are doing fine but whether they will continue to do so we will have to wait and see, she only has 12 teats so they will have to learn to share if they are all to survive.  We will step in and help a bit if necessary but she seems to be coping at the moment.

Most were born in the early hours of the morning without any trauma, but I had to step in and help the last one who came out with the afterbirth and was struggling to escape.  Now Mum and babies are all fast asleep and the gentle snores that are drifting over the orchard seem to have sent the farm into a relaxed mode.

My lovely parents who have been looking after the farm in our absence were thrilled to see some piglets born at last, they've always just missed the births before now.  This morning they packed their bags ready for the journey home, and while Dad settled down to his breakfast .......

..... Mum ensured he couldn't have seconds by giving the chickens the rest of the box of cornflakes!!

A HUGE thank you to both of them for coping with all the adversity of the weekend (we ran out of oil and so the Aga went out) with grins on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes.

It was lovely to see Jessie again and as soon as we are pig free we will be able to visit her much more often,  now if only we can stop Maud producing babies!!

Sue xx

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