Thursday, 11 August 2011

Miss Piggy

Born on the 6th January with seven brothers and sisters.

In February she started eating pig nuts with the rest of the family and relished the first steps of freedom.

In March she had great fun chasing Daddy around the orchard,  luckily for them he didn't get cross and joined in the fun.  They were a gang of little hooligans, never still for a minute.

In April she got cheeky and we fell in love with her, she was supposed to be sold with the rest of her sisters, but we hung on to her instead and she lived with her brothers for a while.

In May she moved to the Paddock to live with the 'big girls' and was reacquainted with Mum.  An immediate bond was obvious.

Throughout June they went everywhere together and cuddled up at night in an ark just to themselves.

In July they moved back to the Orchard so Maud could prepare for her next litter of piglets to be born.

Maud got cross with her a day before the birth so she moved in with Auntie Martha and her cousins.

Tonight she leaves the farm, not for a happy end, unfortunately.  But while she was here she had an interesting and funfilled life.  By the way she is not called after the Muppet, but is named so because of her air of being a proper little Miss.

We loved having you Miss Piggy, and we hope you enjoyed your life with us.

Sue xx

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