Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I feel exposed, violated and naked, my deepest darkest secrets are being laid bare to the world and it's all Penny's fault.
Haha....not really, you know the worst thing about tipping out the contents of my bag was putting it all back and realising that no, I couldn't live without all the little bits and pieces I carry around.
Well, maybe some of them I could, but I jammed them all back in anyway. The Bag
A lovely Burberry number bought from Bicester Outlet village last year and waiting patiently in the wardrobe ever since. It has recently replaced my orange Radley that I wore out!! Yes, although I appreciate a good bag and LH calls me his Bag Lady, I only ever have one bag on the go at a time. I love it to death while I have it, and then pass it on to a charity shop to make someone else happy.
The Contents (from top left in the picture and then sort of clockwise)
A doggy poo bag
An assortment of pens
A pencil with the motto 'I still miss my ex-husband, but my aim is improving'. Bought for me after my divorce by a very good friend.
Olbas oil inhaler thingy
Fold up bag, it used to have a little pouch to live it in, but that's vanished, now it just unfolds itself gradually and takes over my bag!
More handcream
Blog address cards, so many people ask me for it, so I made some little cards.
Camera case, usually has my camera in it but I was using it!!
Packet of Gillian McKeith fruit, nuts and seeds.
Latest village magazine, I've got a good mention this month.
Nail whitening pencil.
Hayfever Inhaler, I suffer really badly with this, although I have managed to live without injections now for 2 years now as long I maintain a level of anti-histamine in my system throughout the year.
Headache and Indigestion Tablets
Sweeteners, I hate the taste of sugar in my coffee, but can't do without some sweetness.
House Key (I've just realised I've not got my car keys here......missing again!!)
Freshen up wipes (to go with first item on list).
2 paperclips......LH uses these as toothpicks when he has steak in a restaurant so I always have to have some handy ....I know....YUK!!
And finally -
One Penny (I've just appropriate), the reason I carry this will pop up below.
Actually tipping out my bag helped me with the next part of this Blog. I was sent an award by the lovely Vicki from Vintage Vicki and seemingly I have to tell you 7 things about myself, I had no idea where to start until I saw some of the things that fell out of my bag.
Seven Things About Me (that you probably don't already know)
1. I always carry a penny in my bag and leave a little bit of food on my plate as a consequence of studying Feng Shui principles a few years ago (and finding they really do work). The penny means you will never be without money and the food that you will never go hungry, it also has Buddhist implications I have been told.
2. I worked for The Equal Opportunitiies Commission when it was first establishing the Sex Discrimination Act and Equal Rights and Pay for women.
3. My main career before this lifestyle change was in Charity Shop Management. I have worked for Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Scope and St Mary's Hospice in Cumbria. I have trained Shop Managers and re-merchandised shops (a la Mary Portas). I have also had 2 shops of my own, the first an antiques shop and then Lavender's Blue...
4. I was married for the first time at 18 and that marriage lasted 26 years.
5. I met Lovely Hubby via the Internet!! (After my divorce I hasten to add....haha.)
6. I only started to use a computer 8 years ago, when I bought one for Jason to complete his GCSE coursework on. I went on to get my ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) a couple of years later.
7. And finally.....I am complete. Lovely Hubby was the final piece of my personal jigsaw. When we married the lines evaporated and the jigsaw became one happy picture, sometimes slightly fuzzy around the edges, sometimes in the sharpest of sharp focus, but one that will last, it may gradually fade in time, but the images will remain and be treasured for always by us and then by future generations.
I think I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 other Bloggers, but I think I'll just leave it open, if either of these 'challenges' appeals to you please go for it and let me know....I'll be over for a peek!!
I hope you enjoyed this peek into me......normal farming service will be resumed tomorrow.
Sue xx


  1. Aww youv'e gorn & made me all emotional - that last bit...and I am getting my friend a pen like that ( her horrid ex text her to offer a slice of his birthday cake after he threw a massive 50th party weeks after destroying her life. When I say massive party - most of their mutual friends didn't go as felt it was totally inappropriate of him )
    I love your seven facts & how you've listed everything in your bag !

    Great bag too ! xx

  2. Crikey,I'm surprised that you don't carry a suitcase when you go out!
    I only take my purse,keys and phone!
    So the contents of mine would be very boring!

  3. Dear Sue,

    I love looking in other people's bags!

    And it's really good to find out more about you... funny how I imagine people just 'appear' in blogland doing what they do now, and forget they have had lives before!!

    Love your bag.

    And love the 'I am complete' bit. That is such a nice thing to say. Your husband will be thrilled :-)


  4. I love the penny and food bit, I think I will follow this too. Awww, how sweet is that, your husband sounds lovely.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Its funny but I've taken to leaving a couple of pence loos in my bags for a while now. I don't know why I've done it but glad to know I'm not the only one.
    Lovely post, thank you.

  6. Sue, I loved the peek into your bag and finding out more about you--I think this is why I love blogging so much--It appeals to the nosey side of me! :-) Enjoy your Wednesday!!

  7. What a wonderful post. Came here after reading Helen's post about the present you sent her.
    It is lovely to read the inner joy you have coming across in your written word.

  8. Bit like my bag, but mine is neither Radley or Burberry. :-) I thought about making some cards for my blog too. Great idea :-)


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