Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Speckledy Chickens

The new Speckledy Chickens have settled in well. We picked them up Friday teatime and popped them straight into their new house when we got home. Leaving them to get comfortable with mesh across the door and a water pot and feed tray inside.
They watched with interest as the White and Brown Girls came home for the night and then they were all closed up at dusk. The next day they were confined to quarters for the whole day and watched life on the farm through the safety of the wire. They were a bit skittish when I popped my head in the back door to clean out the house a bit and replenish the food and water, but soon calmed down.
And then yesterday we simply took the wire off at breakfast time and one by one they trooped down the ramp and joined in feeding with all the others. They stayed close by all day, never venturing more than 20ft from the house. At bedtime we found they had been joined by two of the white girls, leaving the other house slightly sparse of chickens. There have been some scuffles and skirmishes but nothing drastic, and we are well on our way to establishing a pecking order. Everything was watched over by Archie who found a ringside seat for chicken watching. # The Speckledys have soon learnt to ignore the mad dogs tearing around and cats looking as though they are about to pounce. # Peace reigns...temporarily perhaps...here on the farm # Sue xx


  1. Aww, they're beautiful little ladies. Long may the peace continue!
    Sal. X

  2. Pleased they have settled in now. How many chickens do you have in total now? Will you eventually eat them...just wondering as I'm not too familiar with this farming malarkey! Sue x

  3. Aaaah they're lovely! Lovely how the others just accept them and get on with things. I wonder if the white girls meant to get in the other house or if they woke up in the morning and were confused as to why their usual roosting buddies had changed colour!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. Update on sleeping arrangements - Last night the Welsummers were in the original house and ALL the other birds tucked themselves up in the new girls house!

    I wonder who will sleep where tonight - it makes for an interesting bedtime ritual!

    Sue xx

  5. Smiffy - in answer to your questions, we have a total of 20 now, 4 Welsummers, 6 White Stars and 10 Speckledys. And no, we will never eat them, if I see Lovely Hubby with a knife and fork in his hands anywhere near my girls he will be chased off the homestead!!

    Sue xx

  6. Gosh your family really IS expanding. I love hearing about how they all do / don't get on - the whole community thing. Something really lovely about the two white girls going to sleep with the new ones...


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