Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Come on Mum.......

This is the sight that greets me each morning when I step out of the barn from feeding the pigs....two dogs waiting patiently for their walk!
Today has dawned as wonderfully as yesterday The sun is high in the sky, blitzing it's way through the frost, there is already a warmth in the air. The doggy walk this morning (accompanied as usual by Archie the cat) was lovely.

The cart that I used in my post last was this morning lit by the suns rays and looked like a beautiful farm still life.

The dogs ran chasing sticks, each other and occasionally Archie. And with muddy paws and happy expressions we all headed for home and found Jemima checking out the little muckheap.

Until tomorrow, when I've been tagged to tell you 7 things you don't know about me (I thought I had told you everything), I shall have to work with my thinking cap on today!! I was also tagged a lifetime ago by the lovely Penny to show you the contents of my bag.....but you don't really want to see this ......do you?

Sue xx


  1. it's lovely here too Sue so dog walk & stop off at sea front cafe for coffee like yesterday sems like a great idea to me.
    Forget the bag thing ! Pleeeeaasseee !

  2. It is such a gorgeous day isn't it Sue. Love the picture at the top of your tunnel. I have tunnel envy!!! x

  3. Your still life is beautiful !!!!!!

  4. Doesn't the lovely weather make a difference? Yup, we do want to see what's in your bag, lol!
    Jak x

  5. Haha....that's it then, I'll be brave and tip out the trash.....uncensored I promise!!

    But remember....you asked!

    Sue xx


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