Thursday, 25 March 2010

Leaving the farm......

We're leaving the farm in the capable hands of my Mum and Dad for the weekend, while we zoom up the motorway to Cumbria and Scotland.
We're spending Friday night in Cumbria and then Saturday night in Peebles visiting LH's Mum, she's not very well at the moment, so we're hoping a visit will do her good.
It also give my Mum and Dad a chance to get re-acquainted with the animals. They've known the cats for years.
Love the pigs to bits.
Have yet to meet the new girls.
Know all the tricks the old girls get up too!
And will be aided and abetted by the lovely Rosy.
Sophie will be coming with us to visit her Granny Jessie. The animal feed bins have all been labelled, so hopefully they will all get the right grub, if not knowing our lot they wouldn't mind a bit! Instructions and phone numbers have been printed out and if I can persuade her to, maybe Mum will be a guest Blogger, if not I'll be back next week with more news and escapades from this mud pool we call home.
Have a great weekend.
Sue xx


  1. Hope the weekend does everyone lots of good... xx

  2. Have a wonderful weekend Sue, I am sure your farm will be looked after :-)

  3. Hello,its not raining here in Cumbria. Have a nice time. hugs xx

  4. Have a lovely time. It would be great if your Mum could be a guest blogger! I love your mud pool by the way!

  5. have a lovely time in Cumbria - I'm sure mum & dad will cope even if the pigs & hens swap food !

  6. Its raining here in deepest Devon, so hope the weather is better 'up north' !! love your blog, its just great,


  7. Me again - finally wrote a blog about your lavender goodies... only two months or so late...

  8. Hi!

    I've popped over from Cottontails Baby!

    We too have chickens and cats, but not pigs or a dog, but two guinea pigs!

    I love pigs, they always seem to be smiling :) Love dogs too!

    Hugs, Sarah x


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