Sunday, 7 March 2010

Craft Fairs and Hungry Mouths

It was nice yesterday to spend some time all clean and tidy selling my wares at a Craft Fair in Oxford. For the first time ever I had to set my stall up in the round!
Quite a challenge when I have only done retangular before. The time spent away from the farm for the amount of cash taken is starting to make me question the logistics of this though, some thinking is called for I think.
The it was back home, into mucky jeans and straight out to feed all the hungry mouths (LH was out on a poo run).
Today we have something nice to look forward to. This afternoon, we are tootling up the motorway to Wiltshire to visit our two new born Large Black piglets Lulu and Lottie. They are two weeks old, the hardest thing will be to leave without them , they have to live with Cilla, mummy pig for another seven weeks. I can't wait to see them.
The new chickens are currently confined to quarters so they get used to where they live. I hope to have some pictures for the Blog as soon as I release them. They are already proving to be characters although they have never been handled before.
Only one has a name up to now....Roadrunner, you can guess why!! You should have seen her run when the chap was trying to catch her in his net, and you know me, the faster she ran the more I wanted that particular chicken, I like them with personality!
Sue xx


  1. I like your stall in the round. Farmers' market disappointing though got the sausages for supper ( for those who didn't want Haggis !) a very yummy Dorset apple cake and a bracelet for Jess ( impulse buy ! )

    Can't wait to see the piglets & new hens. So funny when the breeder catches them in his net.

    Lucy has no feathers on part of her neck - is it normal to start to moult now ? and one has stopped laying. Never did get the promised blue eggs from Roxy !

  2. Like the round display Sue, nice to challenge the mind with an alternative set up but round tables do mean that customers can see more and you can get more people round the table too!
    Know what you mean about time verses takings, decisions decisions!

    Do hope you get some pics of those piglets today, how lovely will they be?

    Take care
    sarah x

  3. I can understand how you feel about time away, but I think that a change of scene and some 'like-minded' socializing is important, as is sprucing oneself's up (ahem! she says still sitting in her PJ's at gone 11 a.m.)
    Jak x

  4. I spy your gorgeous soaps on that table. I hope they sold well for you.
    That dilemma of fairs etc is set to be debated for quite some time I think.
    Let me know if you find the answer.
    P x

  5. Oh goody ... more wonderful animals for us to meet!

  6. Can't wait to see the new hens Sue. Especially Road Runner!

  7. I've never done a stall in the round either.
    Sorry to hear that it was not very lucrative for you.
    It all looks so lovely.
    Please can you email me and tell me your Lavender
    prices? Thanks ;-)

  8. Stall looks lovely. I like the contrast between the dainty neat stall(or clean as you mentioned!) and then the coming back home with the animals and straight in to the mucky jeans again! Both look fun in different ways!


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