Friday, 12 March 2010

RIP Nutmeg

Born 20th June 2009 - Died 11 March 2010

The farm is a quiet place today. Nutmeg, the chicken that thought she was a cockerel and strutted around crowing proudly to the world, especially after laying an egg, died yesterday.

I don't know what caused it, it could just have been heart failure, there is not a mark on her lovely body, but she was lying on the grass stretched out and dead to the world.

When I went out to put the girls to bed, Coco came running out of one house up the ramp into the other and then ran over to me in the rapidly fading light (when she would usually have been tucked up safe and sound), as though to tell me her sister was nowhere to be found. I gently scooped her up and popped her in the henhouse with her other two sisters and left them quietly chunnering away to themselves.

Who says chickens have no sense and no feeling. These birds knew their loss.

Sue xx


  1. That's so sad, they do all have their own personalities, and you cant help but get attached. I hope it was painless for the little lady.
    Sal. X

  2. I am so sorry Sue, for you and for her hen sisters...

  3. Ahh poor Nutmeg, I feel for you, she sounded quite a character x

  4. Oh my goodness ... I am sincerely sorry for the loss of Nutmeg.

  5. That is sad. We lost one of ours, Wendy, a few months ago - she was just lying dead in her house one morning. They don't always live long but it's comforting to know that they have had good chickeny lives & have always been free range.

    We have a Nutmeg too - she lays pretty blue eggs.


  6. Ah, so sorry to hear that Sue. Hope the others are not too distressed by her passing. Sue x

  7. So sorry to hear of Nutmeg's passing Sue. She was indeed such a beautiful looking chicken.

  8. Oh Sue, so sorry to hear about Nutmeg, she was indeed a fine lookin' chicken.Who say chickens are stupid, dumb animals? Poor Coco too.
    Sandie xx

  9. So sorry Sue, not often you feel like giving a chicken a hug but thats what I want for Coco.
    Sarah x

  10. As so sorry....

    I missed this when you posted it as I have been very ill and off line...but have caught up now and wanted to say how sorry I was about Nutmeg.

    RIP to a very lovely looking hen


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