Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sophie Calls a Meeting!

Well the new girls are settling in. They still don't like to be handled, but now no longer run away in panic if you approach them.

I always find the softly, softly approach best for the first couple of weeks when you have so many. Any grabbing of a passing bird creates consternation amongst the others and delays their taming.

"Meet me in front of the shed in 10 mins......"

If they're close enough for a stroke, such as when I'm putting them to bed then they get one and they soon learn that human hands are not just out to grab them.

It helped that Sophie called a meeting of the Speckledys yesterday and had a word!!

"Are you actually listening to me?"

" I think that went well! "

"Do you speak 'dog'.....I didn't get a word of that.....Do you think I nodded in the right places?"
Sue xx


  1. Think Sophie is a clever girl - she probably spoke chook to them!

    Two years on and my chickadees still run away, even though I do all the above, they are highly suspicious and will not hang around for any attention uless it is to eat corn out of my hand for that is easier than picking it up off the ground!

    Take care
    Sarah x

    ps I do like your new header picture

  2. Hi Sue! I'm catching up on blogs and have spent some time catching up on your news--You've certainly had your share of news and excitement with Betty's adventure! I think the new girls are lovely and while they may not admit it, I'm sure they do speak dog, they just didn't want to tell Sophie!! Enjoy your Thursday! :-)

  3. Always lovely to see such fine hens. But it's particularly nice for me to see Sophie in action.

    Our Lucy is a Collie-Labrador cross, although the only obvious sign of sheep dog is a white stripe down her chest.

    She likes nothing better than to adopt a very similar posture as I circulate around our animals. I now understand which parent this behaviour comes from!

  4. hurrah for chickens!!!! they are beautiful!


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