Monday 29 March 2010

PIF........I'm back!!

We got back yesterday evening to find the farm still standing, the animals well fed and happy, and the chicken house completely spring-cleaned.
We must go away more often.
Mum and Dad have looked after everything magnificently - THANK YOU.
They said they enjoyed the break and I truly hope they meant it. They seem to have done an awful amount of farmwork and housework for people 'enjoying a break', I only hope they are not too tired as they are coming back in a couple of weeks while we nip off to Devon for a mini-break for my birthday.
We got back to a little pile of post, and in amongst all the bills and circulars was a little parcel addressed to me.........something I had completely forgotten about. Back in January I volunteered for a 'Pay in Forward' with Denise from A Bun Can Dance. She has put together a lovely parcel just for me with all these gorgeous things.
A gorgeous handmade bunting banner, with 'Pigs in Clover' written on some of the flags, each flag is different and lovingly handmade. The thought that has gone into this is amazing and it looks beautiful, something I will treasure forever. (There is a closer picture at the top of the post, although the pictures don't do it justice.)
Some lovely pieces of fabric (I feel lavender hearts coming on!!).
A beautifully handmade pouch with Denises' label inside. And finally some gorgeous photo-cards by Denise herself, I don't think I'll be able to send them to anyone though, they are going on my inspirations noticeboard. # What a wonderful thing to come back to. # And now I have to 'Pay in Forward' to three PIF volunteers.........if you would like to take part in this all you have to do is leave me a comment saying so. If there are more than three comments I will do a little draw to choose just three. And all you have to do after you receive your parcel from me is to Pay it Forward to three more people. # I will send off my parcels as soon as I have had time to have a peek at your Blogs to try and see what I think you would like. The things from Denise's PIF can be either handmade or vintage or bought especially for the person. So you don't have to be a whizz kid on the sewing machine to join in. #
What a lovely way to brighten someones day. # Back to farming talk tomorrow, and thanks again to my lovely parents for all their help. # Sue xx


  1. Glad you had a nice break away - I enjoyed my mini break to Exmoor but was glad to get home again too.

    Rosie x

  2. Hi Sue
    It really does sound as though you should go away more often- how lovely to come back to so much having been done on the farm and in the house :-)
    I'm delighted that you are pleased with the PIF parcel as I really enjoyed collecting together the things for you.
    I meant to write on the back of the postcards, so you'd know where the pics were taken:
    The cow is from the farm my Dad used to work on; the other 3 pics are from Cornwall - the dig for victory poster was at the Eden project in their allotment shed!
    I'd hoped to send the parcel's out sooner but I wanted to find the right things for each person - hence the time slipping away....
    Have a fun week back at the farm,
    Denise x

  3. I'd love to join in the PIF but i don't know if i've been blogging long enough, have enough followers etc. Glad you enjoyed your little break. makes all the difference doesn't it.
    Sal. X

  4. how gorgeous a lovely gift waiting for you and lots of jobs done !
    I won't take part thanks as I've decided to organise a decorated matchbox swap - ( on blog today )
    Glad you had a lovely break

  5. I'd join in the pif if I knew properly what one was! I kind of get the drift, but I don't know the rules as such! And as I haven't even had the courage to actually post on my blog yet, I don't think you can count me in:)
    I love reading about all your 'exploits' Sue, and you pig escape really made my day. I too wish that you had your camera that day!

  6. That is a beautiful bunting garland at the top of the post. I can't take part in any PIF's at the moment as I recently did one where I sent out to 3 people too. I am all piffed out!!! Glad your parents took care of the farm and gave you peace of mind. I look forward to your farming talk tomorrow!

  7. Welcome home! Glad you had a lovely break, I'm sure your Mum and Dad had a lovely time, I always find it nicer to do someone elses washing up than my own!

    Not had a chance to write on my own blog yet since my busy week last week but I'd love to join in with the PIF, will have to re-read instructions when a little more awake!

    How is the lovely Betty doing? Hope all is progressing well for her.

    Love the bunting you recieved from Denise it is really pretty.

    Take care
    SArah x

  8. Welcome back :-)

    Lovely to come back to a nice parcel! By coincidence I have - at last - written something about you and my lavender goodies you sent me over on my blog...



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