Tuesday 30 March 2010

Welcome to our house.
Well you asked for both, photos of animals and vegetables, so today as I have run out of words there are pictures, not brilliant ones but all snapped this morning while I was out with the animals and watering in the polytunnel.
The weather here is cold and blustery, with not a hint of Spring in the air. March is truly 'going out like a lion', I only hope April, (my birthday month) will bring with it some warmer and drier weather. We have a full four day weekend planned, with finishing off raised beds, pathways and planting being the most important jobs, so fingers crossed.
I tried for an 'Eastery' shot of daffs and chickens......
.........but they wouldn't pose!
The pigs just wouldn't stop eating........
....the Kiwi plant stood to attention and smiled.......
.....the dogs posed briefly!
The courgette is yummily sturdy!
The black buckets we are growing are doing fine! # Radishes, mixed leaves and peas growing bigger by the day.
And I may have overdone it with the lettuces!
#I asked Archie the cat, but he is just sitting on the fence.
And for those of you who feel short-changed by the 'vegetable' pictures....alright I KNOW they are only baby plants, some fully grown ones from last year, including...especially for Charlotte at Cottontails a carrot with two legs....that's the nearest I get to 'vegetable art', (although I did briefly think about making it a pair of trousers!). #
Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue

    I love the colour of your door. You look very organised. All that must require a lot work and dedivation!

    It doesn't feel like Spring here either, cold wet and blustery!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. The nerve of your chickens and pigs not to pose for the camera! Love 'kitty on the fence' and all the veggies but most of all love the color of the front door!

  3. I second the comment about the front door. Very well maintained and a credit to you, just like the plants and animals!

  4. I third it - my front door is a mess & has had a broken pane for years ( Dillon did it )
    I only have daffs as hens have eaten everything else !
    Archie is so cool like he is surveying everything going on !

  5. Everything is covered with snow again up here so it's nice to see green things growing and animals happy outside and not howling at the back door in competition to the wind to get back in the house. :)

  6. Have a great Easter yourselves!
    Thanks for the photos and humour.

    Sandie xx

  7. Lovely animal and vegetable pictures! Your front door looks lovely and welcoming and I admire your attempt at the vegetable 'art'!!!


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