Thursday, 11 March 2010


You wouldn't believe what I found lurking in the back of my cupboard in the kitchen!
If you look very closely you will see teeny tiny beetroot plants growing here!
I thought I had some more of these, I've been searching high and low! How can finding two boxes of squashed toilet roll tubes make someone SO happy. Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, spring onion, 2 radishs and mixed leaves
If you need me I'll be in the polytunnel doing some more of this.......
2 trays of cabbage
Sue xx


  1. You are going to have lots and lots to harvest this year with all those seedlings! I hope you have got yourself a nice comfy chair in the polytunnel to relax with your radio and a cuppa after all your planting!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. oh I bet you were grinning when you saw those !

    The hens have got into my fenced off area - they stormed it ...but have actually done me a favour by raking through the manure so now I can add the compost then get my seedlings.

    I'm going to make it like fork nocks this weekend 1

    regretting getting the hens ... HELP !!!

  3. I'm going 'under cover' to do some sowing this afternoon too. Nice to think of smallholders everywhere working from the same script handed to them by nature. And Andrex.

  4. I sometimes find more solace with my plants than I do with people! :-) Hope you had an enjoyable afternoon!

  5. Sue, you absolutely put me to shame. Gardening is such a joy, takes so much effort ... and you do it beautifully and effortlessly.


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