Monday, 15 March 2010


Radishes, mixed leaves and the first three pea plants (so ahead of their little brothers) in their final bed.
While Lovely Hubby did the back breaking job of filling in around the raised beds at the back of the house, (the stones we had removed to be able to put in the beds had to be shovelled back wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load),
I got on with planting up in the polytunnel. Moving some plants into pots from trays, planting some, snug in their toilet roll tube pots into the ground and planting tray after tray of new seeds, so we have some successional crops (salad etc).
Whilst I was doing this (and jigging away to the radio) I got to thinking about how complimentary we are to each other, I could never do the heavy work that LH does, he loves the 'man' stuff...seeing huge changes brought about by hard physical effort, he would hate to have to stand in one spot (even with a bit of jigging) moving delicate little seedlings carefully to their next home, knowing that in two weeks he would have to move them again.
We are very complimentary!
And whilst we got on with all this.......the chickens walked the plank! # Tomorrow a post about how I 'chicken-proof' my veggies. The time has come to think survival of the veggies!! # Sue xx


  1. you make a wonderful team ! Those chickens are hilarious . Hubby & son have put tentpegs all around bottom of fencing so far chicken proof but I have my suspicians I look forward to your next post !

  2. The concept of chickens walking the plank is hysterically funny ... but could be serious too. Take good care of them / and YOU.

  3. It's a good point well made Sue. I never feel I've done any proper work unless I've dug something, shifted something or built something! As a result I'm always a mile behind on the sowing!

    If there's a careful job what needs doing I have to ask my wife nicely: for example arranging the strings for the sweet peas to climb up! I'd really tie myself in knots with that task...

  4. You seem to be well-organised Sue! A sunny day makes all the difference to and you get additional exersise with the 'jigging about'LOL!


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