Saturday, 13 March 2010

Special Pressie for Granny

What do you get a very special lady for her birthday?
She doesn't eat chocolate, I've been banned from buying flowers (haha....she'll see), she lives in a lovely house surrounded with things we've given her over the years, but she hates clutter so that has to stop. You can give her a big box of goodies to pamper herself and you can arrange for your new chickens (well now they're hens!) to lay their very first eggs on her birthday.
Thank you to two of the new girls for solving my birthday present dilemma.
Happy Birthday Mum
70 today.....
but sshhhh...I won't tell anyone!!
Have a wonderful birthday.
(The normal sized egg belongs to Coco, and is there for comparison.)
Sue xx


  1. Perfect pressie.
    We are taking my mum to her oldest friend's 80th birthday lunch next Sat. She says no pressies but I have known this woman my whole life - her husband gave the speech at my wedding- so I said to mum, " I know, I'll make up a basket filled with egs " Perfect

  2. Such a perfect gift!
    Rachel x

  3. An excellent - and unique - gift. Well done girls!


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