Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Message to Mr Fox

A message to Mr Fox ....... I don't know what language you speak, or if you understand images, but the sign above is for you.  The little signs are hanging all around, if you can't read I don't care, touch the fence with your sensitive little nose and you will be able to guess what it says. 

And if I see you again I will give chase, with my trusty yard broom, just like yesterday, (although this time I might put my wellies on first, my slippers are ruined !!).

My girls are not for eating, they are mine, part of my family and that is why we spent hours last night taking down their fence, re-erecting it in a taut, safe way, so that the current is as powerful no matter which strand you touch.  The reassuring click. click, click in the kitchen tells me they are protected.  The dogs sitting guard tell me that all is well, and if you come again Rosy, will give chase, her hackles will rise so she looks like a ferocious little dinosaur and she will bite if she catches up with you.

We are ready for you.

(Although I do admit you are a beautiful specimen.)

And isn't Google Images wonderful....I typed in electric fencing (well actually I typed in 'fencing' first and got lots of images of men fencing, with swords) and got a picture of our signs, then I typed in 'blue broom' and I got a picture of my broom.....good stuff!!

Sue xx

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