Friday, 5 August 2011

Happy Chickens

In chicken world this morning peace reigns supreme. 

Dappled shade through the trees is keeping the heat down, the girls have had the mad scramble for breakfast (last one to the food hopper is a sissy !!), and now they potter about waiting to take their turn in the nesting boxes to pay their keep (lay an egg).

Mum has been busy gathering chicken food (weeding).....

...they gather by the fence expectantly.

Soon the weeds are down and the tasty titbits are thrown over the fence, to be sorted and picked over.  Chickens are brilliant at self-medicating as well as being greedy, so if they are short of various nutrients or minerals they will eat the greenery they need first, and then just fill up on what ever else is available.

One of the Hylines

So what  starts as a weed feed filled veggie bed, ends up with happy, healthy hens and lovely fresh, bright yolked,  free range  eggs for me.

Weeds........I love them!!

Sue xx

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