Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Time to get down to business.......

It's time to get down to business now, so I'm having a Blogging break for the Bank Holiday weekend. We have so much to do, at the moment I am in the getting towards the end of our last push to live simply. Sorting out the house and jettisoning all unnecessary 'things'. These will be sold off at the two Car Boot Sales we are hoping to do over the weekend (fingers crossed for good weather they are both in fields). Once I have finished that we are having a mammoth tidy up of the farm, to get things clearer for Autumn. Sorting out, mowing, strimming and generally preparing for the months ahead.

Instead of spending time at the computer each morning I will be merely checking my emails and doing just the office work. I will however post a picture a day onto the Blog, what pictures I don't know.......and that's where you come in.

What would you like to see, either here on the farm or from the family archives I will leave it in your hands. You can leave a comment or drop me an email (I know some folk are having problems with leaving comments at the moment).

I will do my best to oblige. In the meantime I leave you with two pictures taken the other day of the 'boys' on the farm. Lovely Hubby is relishing that male numbers are increasing, he has felt outnumbered for long enough (just him and the cats have been the only boys).

So the top picture is of Monty Middlewhite and Jack Large Blacks first meeting and the other is Caldwell and Norman, our cockerels on opposite sides of the wire.

Have a lovely day.

Sue xx


  1. maybe you could lend us a pig to add to my husband's delusions??! good luck with the car boot; i loved getting rid of our junk and coming home with cash!

  2. Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead, fingers crossed for good weather and I hope you do well at the boot sales.

    Gem xx

  3. I do hope you have a successful weekend on all fronts!
    Picture wise, anything will be ok!

    Sandie xx

  4. Good luck at the car boots Sue.
    I'd love to see more of your delicious foody photos please!!

  5. I have just got back from a long holiday and have read through what I have been missing on your blog... too much to leave comment on each post, but just to say here how much I have enjoyed them all. Great stuff. Helenx

  6. Hope your weekend plans go really well. I love all your photos, always such a great variety. Although I do have a soft spot for all your babies♥

  7. I shall enjoy whatever you put up - have a productive break. I keep meaning to get sorted for a boot fair - maybe this autumn.xx

  8. Hope the weather holds out for you. I too like your farm/food piccies.
    Jak x


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