Wednesday, 4 August 2010

So Appropriate!!

The plant pot is very 'tongue in cheek' the sauce, however, is delicious!
Waking up today to a grey and dismal morning makes the preserving of all this Summer grown food somehow so appropriate. The bottling and freezing of goodness and vitality is just what we need for the dark, short days of Winter.
~ It's strange how a sudden lack of sunshine makes you think of Autumn, the nights are drawing in already. The chickens were all tucked up by 9.15 last night, only two weeks ago they were still foraging around after ten o'clock, with us wishing they would go to bed so we could!! Must be nice to be a chicken, no need to get up early the next day unless you're hungry, no work to get to in a busy rush hour. Just potter about, lay an egg to pay for your keep and then go worm hunting.
Anyway, I digress, thank you for all the lovely comments and emails after yesterdays Blog post. The sauce was delicious last night and I had just enough over to make one jar to preserve. We were in a greedy, hungry mood after the sad job of repackaging 'Betty' meat to fulfill orders for today. The next lot of harvested tomatoes will be treated in exactly the same way so we have our very own little stash ready for Winter. One ingredient I forgot to mention yesterday was Tomato Puree, I always add this to any tomato dish I cook from scratch, it gives a depth of flavour and mellows out the taste nicely, and don't forget toplay around with seasonings to get the flavour just how you like it. See, I told you I'm no Nigella or Delia, if I can't even remember to say "add a good pinch of salt and a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper", I'll never be on the tele!! One other thing I forgot to mention, after a good cooking session and a mountain of pots to wash, what do I do next......the most important thing of course....... sit down at my computer with a freshly made cup of coffee (and occasionally a yummy shortbread biscuit) and catch up on all the lovely Blogs listed in my sidebar and dashboard list.
Today with the weather being so depressing outside, I'm having a bit of an indoor day. Last night the table was full of 'Betty' portions, today I'm claiming it back for a much nicer use......can you guess what?
Pictures tomorrow, with (if I'm given publishing permission), a couple of very nice shots of my Mum!
Have a lovely day.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue are amazing, I should be doing so much .. ! How long will your sauce last ..? I better it was tasty. Just right for me, hubby would say "Where is the meat" Take care Anne

  2. Are those silicone cake "tins"? When in the UK recently I bought 24 silicone "paper" cases, but couldn't find any other shapes and sizes. I'll keep looking.

  3. Your roasted veg looks good enough to eat !
    My new recipe last night was a simple tapas of roasted potatoes covered in a sauce made from tinned tomatoes, red onion, bay leaf, paprica, garlic, sugar popped back in the oven once all mixed. Made a nice different way to serve the potatoes ( leftovers tonight )

  4. Anne, the sauce will last indefinitely if you create a vacuum seal in the jar (see yesterday comments box for how to do it), or in the fridge for a few days, and it will also freeze beautifully in a plastic tub or bag.

    Yes, they are silicone cake 'tins' Jan. The best invention for what I use them for....which is not cakes!! Although they are brilliant for cakes too. I got the red ones from Dunelm Mill when in Manchester last week and the orange and grey ones I have, I got from Steamer Trading Co. in Thame, (my favouritest cook shop).

    That sounds yummy Penny, I'm on the lookout for potato recipes as I'll have to harvest all mine soon, so thank you.

    Sue xx

  5. Those roasting veg look divine. I love roasted tomatoes, especially with fresh herbs, and hey, you don't have to be Nigella or Delia to have what it takes!


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