Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Naughty Pussycat!!

We have just harvested all the early potatoes....I know, slightly late!! Overnight Archie must have decided the smell of the great outdoors was just what he wanted to sleep with, and we came down this morning to find him fast asleep with the potatoes on the kitchen table.
Very cute....but very naughty!
Only a short post today, as I am in the middle of some research. The internet is proving invaluable, I have been communicating with a lovely lady in America, getting some pictures and looking on the experts websites for more information. We have had a very unusual development here on the farm. All will be revealed tomorrow. I need to get you an up to date photo of someone..........!
Sue xx


  1. OOH intriguing Sue.

    Now that's what you call a proper harvest of potatoes, you've put mine to shame!

    Bertie x

  2. Hi Sue I am already looking forward to thursdays blog. Your potatoes are better than ours, Maybe Archie was guarding them for you lol. Joan x

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  4. He looks so peaceful sleeping there bless him. I am looking forward to Thursday's post, I will be thinking all day now what it could be :-)

    Have a good day.
    Gem xx

  5. aww mum - I was keeping them company !

  6. Oh yes the Catus Cute-eus, often to be found in unexpected places, to be treated with the utmost care and provided with regular treats.

    Intriguieing news there Sue, going to go and look up how to spell that now!

    Take care
    Sarah xx


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