Tuesday, 24 August 2010

After the storm

This morning I awoke to glorious sunshine. The air is fresh with the promise of a better day.
On our doggy walk we rediscovered the hedgerows. Glistening with Blackberries starting to ripen in the warmth of the early morning sun. The dogs ran, free of the heavy rain that we had over the last twenty four hours, free to frolic in the wet grass. The combines are quiet now, they can only resume the cutting if the crops dry out enough, hopefully the sun today will help, it's quite sad to see a field barely cut and then left in the rain.
Back on the farm, the pigs are knee deep in soft porridge like mud. My lovely clean little piggy is no more. He is just a smaller version of his wives. Covered in mud with dirt everywhere....and a very interested grin on his face.
Today will be another indoor day, sorting and paperwork, at least while I'm doing this the earth will dry out a little and hopefully by weekend we can push on with our planting for winter and our planned big tidy up of the farm.
~ I hope the sun is shining on you too. Have a good day.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue,
    thanks for all your comments- been a bit mad here so sorry I haven't managed to reply sooner.

    Your post today just sums up my feelings here too- taken Bruce out, got the washing on the line, opened ALL the windows and about to tackle tidying the shed...all because the sun is AT LAST shining again, how much better everything seems.

    Crops lying cut here, really waterlogged and I can't see them being salvaged. All the barns have got driers working flat out- what a strange year its been.

    I love Monty- in the pics he looks such a perfectly pink pig although I'm sure that didn't last long! How happy he will be living with you.

    Well, must do some ebay listings now, and I'm in manic sewing mood, making bags out of fabric scraps (although I'm not sure yet whether they're good enough to sell!) The sewing machine calls...

    Have a good week xx
    ps good luck with your bootsales x

  2. Hi Sue. Catching up as ever. Thanks for the great veg sauce idea the other day. I have had a go and it is gorgeous. No different than my base for a veg lasagne so why didn't I think of bottling it all before!! By the way, do you keep it for long in the jars without it going off or do you do a bath thing to keep it longer? x

  3. Hi Sue
    Hope you have another good indoors day! Its beautiful looking here but mighty windy with plenty of bits from the tree above me falling on the workshop roof!
    I hope you are planning what you can be making with those blackberries when they ripen! I've been keeping an eye out here as well and plan to get out there with my bags just as soon as they are ready.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. umm sadly my courgette sauce burned !

    I've NEVER see them work so fast on the fields behind us - harvested / bailed / collected & GONE !! over the years I've seen it left in a soggy heap or bailed & left out too long til the kids climb so much & bring it all down.
    I think the threat of rain & hay theft got them gonig this year - well done to them !!!


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