Tuesday, 31 August 2010

And now for something completely different.....

Once upon a time there were two little girls, one hid behind cabbages, until she couldn't grow cabbages big enough...
~ ...and one was brave and boldly showed off her new haircut for all the Blogging world to see.
Together they came up with a plan!!
A plan that would see them revitalised by Christmas, one that would mean smaller cabbages could be grown next year, and more lovely stripey T shirts could be bought in smaller sizes.
Intrigued.......then follow our progress over on our new Blog....and you are more than welcome to join in. Why wait until the New Year to start a health and fitness plan, why not meet Christmas and the New Year head on, bursting with vitality.
Lets banish the dark days of Winter with healthy food (home grown or not), lets jig about our living rooms in the dark mornings or evening to Dvds, or jog with the dogs in the rain and come back buzzing with that feel good factor that only 'doing' something can give you. We can have a week off at Christmas (if you want to) and then join in again in the New Year knowing that we are already on the track to good health and vitality.
Visit us here to see what we're up to or click the link in the sidebar, the Blog will be updated weekly, with snippets of what we've done in the previous seven days and our progress so far. Now we really will have to stick to it....I've told the world our plan!!
Normal farm talk resumes tomorrow, with a couple of THE most delightful pictures.
Sue xx


  1. I came because of your title and am not disappointed. I began a new blog dedicated to getting healthier. Made the first entry, announcing that I was starting a new blog, and it has sat idle for over a week.
    I look forward to sharing your journey to health and fitness and more energy!
    (when brave enough I will share my blog address)

  2. Your hair looks lovely and really suits you! xx

  3. D'you know, I was thinking about you when I was at the beach today! And I was wondering how your weight loss was going as I used to follow your other blog 'till you 'merged' them. Well, now I know :0)
    Would love to join you ladies!

  4. That sounds like a good plan Sue. Your far more braver than I. Now you know we'll all want to know how your doing, and you'll have to tell us!
    No pressure!

    Bertie x

  5. You look completely adorable .... this whole project sounds like fun ~ as well as work. I am on the same journey right now too ...........


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