Wednesday 1 September 2010

Pigs and children......

Grace showing another Middle White Pig.
There's something about a pig, that a lot of folk think is scary. That hulking great mass of pork bearing down on you at 20 miles an hour can look terrifying. But the one thing that will make you realise how gentle a pig can be is to see them with children.
Children have no fear of pigs, the youngsters that visited our farm recently were in with the pigs before we could stop them. Straight over to them to stroke them, and look into their eyes. The pigs responded by being extra careful where they trod, by walking slower and standing stiller, and our pigs then had never been with children before.
You see a pig through new eyes when you see them through the eyes of a child. They are big warm hairy bodies with curly tails, cheeky grins and grunts of pleasure. To have a pig that has been raised and handled by a child is a delight as we have been lucky enough to find out with Monty.
Grace having a final cuddle with Monty (then known as Harry) before we brought him home to stay with us on the farm.
I can honestly say that Monty is the most peaceful and content pig I have ever owned. Not for him the bellowing for food, or the pushing and shoving of the other pigs. He is just happy to stand and eat, not dash from trough to trough to try to get more than his fair share. If you go into the Orchard he slowly walks over to the fence to get his share of the tickles or pats on offer.

He looks up at you with those intelligent eyes and just melts your heart.
Thank you Grace for raising Monty so well, it was time well spent.

Sue xx


  1. Aaahhh lovely Monty! He is very handsome!
    Well done with your sales at the weekend, I hope you had another mode of transport to get you home!
    Enjoy the sunshine, hopefully you have a good dose of the bright stuff where you are too today.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. Such a lovely post. Yup, you can tell that Monty is laid back from his cheeky look in the last photo.
    Jak x


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