Thursday 23 September 2010

Soggy Chicken World

A few brave souls out in the rain.
Well after a week (up to now), of sunshine and lovely warm days, we've woken up to a rather different picture this morning. The rain lashed down for most of the night, and looking out of the window at first light was a dismal affair.
On days like these I feel almost guilty letting the chickens out, but they quickly run to grab their share of the Layers pellets for breakfast and then zoom back into or under the houses, the Eglu or just hide themselves under the trees.
Alice in the house while the others are underneath.

The Pekins quickly feed and then go underneath their house, either side can come off during the day to provide them with shelter from the rain or to act as a wind break, whichever is needed, clever design by Lovely Hubby. You can just see the Welsummers sheltering in the Eglu, sometimes this looks like a bus stop of chickens queueing up, as they pour in one by one for the al fresco companionship.

Usually on a wet day only Norman is immune to the rain, standing by the large feeder until he is sodden, seemingly not minding at all. Since his late promotion to Cockerel-ship he does a grand job of guarding his ladies, always on the lookout for dangers to warn them of.

One thing I at first found unusual is the chickens love of wet Layers Pellets. On a drizzly, wet day they always search out the soggiest pellets first, obviously they taste much better wet.

Shhh....but as I type the sun is struggling through, things might be about to change!

Sue xx


  1. so much for an indian summer - but still all looks full of life and wonderful. Helen

  2. We are supposed to get rain today as well but so far we have just had a 5min shower overnight - and we so need the rain. No doubt it'll arrive eventually and I'll be muttering about how soggy everything is!!

    Rosie x

  3. It's been wet here too today. Though I don't have chickens to worry about - but the two who live next door are looking pretty fed up!
    Thanks for your comment, Sue, about the Challenge. Like you, I think I'll just go on from this year trying to live simply and with less - at least making myself abstain has helped me to want less.
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  4. We've had a few spits and spots, but no rain yet. My girls have never seen rain, so it will be interesting to see what they make of it. Queueing for a bus, now that mental image did make me smile.
    Jak x

  5. I think Norman is just proving how manly and brave he is!Or perhaps he just getting the wet pellets before anyone else gets a look in !

  6. They'll have to get used to it I think, we've got a lot more wet to come.

    Here in Brighton we seem to escape most of the bad weather. We are surrounded by the south downs and they seem to shield us from the worst.
    Sometimes there are clouds all around us and yet we have none, I think we live in a kind of Bermuda

  7. Oh we've had horrendous rain here too ... my poor dog is missing her sunshine snoozes!
    Love Kathy xxx

  8. nothing as sad as a soggy chicken !
    I'm considering whether to put the heating on - the other day I was in summer clothes !


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