Thursday 30 September 2010

Shhhhh......the sun's shining......

...and I'm off the harvest the last of the Aubergines in the polytunnel. This is the first year I have successfully grown Aubergines and they have been delicious, added to all sorts of dishes either to eat straight away or to store for Winter.
Also the last of the tomatoes are being picked today and the plants fed to the chickens. The Courgettes although still fruiting are turning to mush as soon as they reach any size, so they are for the chop later on too, with the pigs being the recipients of the greenery (they love the leaves and stems because they are so crunchy). It's nice to watch a happy pig chomping away.
Sue xx


  1. The sun is out here too Sue - sadly I am house sitting but I would have loved a day in the garden! (sigh) Oh well - there is always tomorrow - rain forecast! xx

  2. Tell me something- is a marrow just a big courgette or not?
    Sent Mr V down to see if we had any courgettes to pick of our one plant and you ought to have seen the size of the monster he came back with !!

  3. Hi Sue -

    Never thought of giving the pigs courgette plant trimmings. Great tip! Mine are busy getting tipsy on slightly gone over crab apples at present...

  4. Great photo. Love their colour but not to eat. But I can stare at them forever!


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