Monday, 9 August 2010

TLC for Tomatoes

Thanks to Mum and Dad my tomato plants have received much tender loving care over the past couple of days. Now I can sit back and watch as they change colour. From the luscious shade of green, ( I love green) to the delicious red of tomatoes waiting to be eaten.

They have been thinned out to within an inch of their lives, leaves removed, branches chipped and chopped to let the light flood in, so the last of the summers sunshine and heat can ripen the fruits ready for storing away into my jars of yummy tomato goodness.

The stubborn ones that remain green will be turned to Green Tomato Chutney, equally yummy with a tang all of it's own.

Thank you to all of you who took the time and trouble to leave comments with suggestions for our new little piggys' name. The name came to me in a flash the minute I saw her. She is headstrong, determined, she stands her corner against Lulu and Lottie, who have been in residence for most of their little lives, and she struggled in Lovely Hubby's arms so dramatically as he unloaded her in a most unladylike way. At the moment she is fast asleep, basking in the sun after a breakfast of pig nuts, and a quick hose down to freshen her up after the strenuous day yesterday.

There really was to be only one name for her. All will be revealed tomorrow when I can get a good photo of her. Two people were so close I will be in touch to get your addresses, so I can send a little something for helping me on my way to a decision. ~
Sue xx


  1. My toms look like yours at the moment so I'm taking that as a good sign! All the best, Karen.

  2. can't wait to hear the name !

    I used to look after my mother's partner's tomatoes. The smell of them now in a greenhouse is very nostalic remembering teenage years being asked to look after them if he & mum were away.

  3. our toms have got the blight so its lots of chutney for us which is great as we do love it!!!!

  4. Oh how exciting, lovely to hear you talking like a mum with a new child! Enjoy!


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