Monday, 2 August 2010

Head to Head

After a slightly drizzly start the skies cleared just in time for the Thame And Oxfordshire County Agricultural Show. The sun made it's appearance throughout the day, but thankfully there was enough cloud to keep the high temperatures more bearable.
The competition was stiff for the championship rosettes and the animals, winners and all, were in beautiful condition.
Cows lining up in family groups.
~ The local hunt, showing their magnificent horses and hounds. The dogs were so playful and friendly, rushing to the crowds to be petted and stroked.
The tractors, old and new did a circuit of the show ring and gave haymaking demonstrations, that is when the ancient harvesters could be persuaded to keep chugging. One poor chaps baling machine kept forgetting to tie the twine around his bales and he had to go round and round baling and re-baling!
Refreshments were available to suit any taste. Food and craft tents sold their wares to the eager to buy fair goers, and a brilliant trading day was had by many.
The children flocked to the fairground rides, and there was a big top with circus demonstrations and shows.

Grown ups sampled locally brewed ciders, and sat on the parched earth to rest in the heat of the day.

With some, the cider went straight to their heads and they got silly!

A brilliant day was had by all, and when we got home and fed and watered our own animals, we did what only the tiredest of folk do, flopped down with two exhausted dogs in front of the tv and fell fast asleep........head to head.

Sue xx

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  1. looks very busy there & the Cider going down well.

    Thank you for your comment which made me smile xx


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