Tuesday, 10 August 2010


....Elizabeth Taylor. (Liz for short).
From back to front Lulu, Lottie and Liz.

She was born at the beginning of April so she is just four months old, almost two months younger than Lulu and Lottie, but size wise not that far behind.

She is not used to being handled as she has been brought up running with her family in a high sided pen away from human contact (except at feeding) so we will have to be a bit hands on for a while to get her as friendly as our other girls.

Sorry there's no view of her face but with ears like those we rarely get to see our Large Blacks faces ourselves. I always pick up Lulu and Lotties ears when I'm speaking to them and they sometimes look slightly shocked to get an ear-free glimse of the world!
There has been a bit of friction as they get used to each other, but nothing a bit of time won't sort out. Next week we pick up Jack, our first Large Black Boar, now THAT should cause some excitement amongst the ladies!
It's an indoor day today, thanks to the weather. I'll be sorting out our harvested potatoes and then some card making for the next Farmers Market.
Have a good day.
Sue xx


  1. Morning Sue and welcome Liz!
    Rain is stopping play here a little bit too, have a lovely day cardmaking, sometimes it is nice to have an enforced indoor day.
    take care
    Sarah x

  2. Aww. She's Beautiful, I love those ears! Sure you'll have her used to you in no time.

    Sal. X

  3. Love the rainy days sometimes...big cardigans and repeated trips to the kettle! I'll be craving autumn next x

  4. I wonder if she will love the boys as much as her namesake - and have her beautiful eyes !

  5. Great name for a beautiful girl! I'd love to keep pigs ... I think they're really cute!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. I must share with you our daughter's name is Elizabeth and as it turns out (her father chose the name) it was for THE Elizabeth Taylor! He thought she was so lovely. As is your Elizabeth.

  7. Hi Sue, Liz is lovely and bless them what a fantastic image that conjures up of you lifting up Lulu and Lotttie's ears to talk to them! Jane xx


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