Sunday, 29 August 2010

Storecupboard Jars

An email asking for a photo of my storecupboard is what inspired this. I was going to take a photo of all the veggies and various 'bits of Betty' in the freezer, but the freezer wont let me in, and the batteries on my camera have just died (technology conspiring against me?).
The first Car Boot Sale went brilliantly.....we even sold the Landrover we went in!!
Sue xx


  1. so pleased that the bootsale was such a success, and may I congratulate you on the fantastic storecupboard- I don't think I'd want any more food than that, I'd just eat all those delicious preserves!

  2. You are supposed to sell the stuff in the boot not the actual boot ! that was funny !
    You have been busy with all those jars
    Sue x

  3. I love that - when we went to live in Spain we bought all second hand - when we left we took our favourite things ( a van load by then ) and sold the rest at a boot fayre)


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