Friday, 6 August 2010

Guest Blogger

Archie and Rosy snoozing on the sofa while I type.
Hello from Sue's Mum, Joan. Thank you for all your inspirational comments.
I always become younger in the head as well as the heart, when Sue's with me, and after a disastrous perm, which I didn't like, I was losing lots of my hair, so I decided to try and have the perm cut out.
With Sue's advice and a picture from a book for my hairdresser to copy off, she did a good job. Once again thanks very much for you kind comments, I love following all of your Blogs but am not a computer expert, yet and am still learning, so I tend not to leave comments on your Blogs!
I am a friendly 'lurker' on all the Blogs on Sue's sidebar, it cheers me up and gives my day a boost, I feel like I have made friends of you all.
With very kind regards,
Joan xx


  1. Hello Joan - glad you're enjoying your new look. Once you've tried leaving a few comments on the blogs you browse through, how about starting one of your own?
    We all have a story to tell and I'm sure once you've started you'll find it comes quite easily!!
    Good Luck

  2. Hi Joan, it's lovely to meet you.
    Why don't you have a little go yourself?
    It's alovely way to have achat, and you 'meet'up with so many lovely people!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Hi Joan
    So pleased you like your new look, I think you look fab too.
    Have a lovely time at Sue's and I'll look out for you in Blogland.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. hi joan,
    good hear from you too,
    i too throughly enjoy sue's blog.
    i am glad that you are enjoying your new hair style.
    i too agree with Kathy ,for having a go at blog by yourself,
    thou i am not in Sue's sidebar ,but i follow her each post ,do visit me some times .
    have a great weekend
    happy times


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