Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet

Now who should live in a house like this?
I did a Farmers Market in Tetsworth yesterday, and a lovely 'buzzy' morning it was too, the sun shone and people were out and about getting their lovely homegrown produce and treating themselves. When I got back to the farm I had the wonderful sight of four more little pairs of feet scratching at our grass.
We should!!
Lovely Hubby had been out and bought us four gorgeous Welsummer chicks. They are beautiful little girls, just five weeks old, their birthday was 10th June. I have seen them every week since they hatched, in the petshop in the nearby town of Thame, I just couldn't resist popping in to visit them everytime I was nearby. These were the last four and LH didn't have the heart to seperate them, so now they all live with us.
Sophie, the dog thinks they are just objects of amusement for her and has spent all of yesterday and today sitting watching them, and running round and round their little Eglu. The other girls are not impressed and Cappachino has been doing her best cockeral impression off and on since they arrived.
They are just beautiful.........and their names are Coco, Fudge, Nutmeg and (for the more discerning chocolate eater) Bourneville, chocolatey names to suit their gorgeous chocolatey coloured feathers.
We're happy here on the farm, each new addition makes the family larger and happier, we all muddle along and somehow it just works!!
Sue xx


  1. It does Sue, your farm looks like a very happy place indeed.
    Bertie x

  2. Woohoo! Welcome to the world of Welsummers! They are beautiful hens, good eggs too!
    Clucks and hugs from Betty, Vera and Gladys xxx

  3. Lucky you, Sue, your farm is looking fabby, well deserved after all your hard work.
    Hen x


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