Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bric a Brac Markets

As well as doing Farmers Markets (see my venues in the sidebar), I also do at least one Bric a Brac market a month in the lovely town of Aylesbury.
The atmosphere is always buzzy buzzy, and everyone is after a bargain or that special little 'something'. I've been doing them for the past couple of months with Jason, who is busy raising funds for his trip back to University in Autumn. Although he finds the getting out of bed at 6am in the morning a real pain, he enjoys it when he's there and he's a whiz at charming the ladies into parting with their money and buying the cute little teddy bear they didn't realise they needed!
We don't make a fortune but we do have a laugh, especially yesterday when the heavens opened and huge blobs of rain descended on the Market Square causing mass evacuation in 5 minutes flat. Luckily we are under a council erected gazebo for the event, so we stayed relatively dry! The sun came back out after half an hour and business was resumed as if it had never stopped.
We always come home with slightly less in the van and slightly more in our purses so it's a good day all round. Once Jason is off to Uni and our house is de-cluttered I will be giving this little line up and concentrating on the farm and the Farmers Markets.
Today I'm off to do a stint in the local charity shop. After a break of a year or so I feel ready to face the madness that is the charity shop again and do my little bit for Cancer Research this time. In a former life I was a Charity Shop Manager for many years and for numerous charities, although never this one. So for one afternoon a week I'm dipping my little toes back into the world of the Charity Shop.This could yield a whole other blog!! Haha.......wish me luck.
Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue

    I must go there some day where I am in that area. I love looking around bric a brac stalls and charity shops. It's the not knowing what you will find that makes it more fun and coming back with a beautiful vintage items (at a bargain price)
    Isabelle x

  2. Hi Sue
    Hope all has gone well at the Charity shop! As you say, it could be a whole other blogful of news...
    Your bric a brac looks delightful, and most particularly I do love that jug! I think it may match a teaset I've been collecting, is it Royal Vale? There are so many delightful old china designs - but unfortunately too little space in my little home!
    Have a super week
    Denise x

  3. Hi Sue,

    bric a brac market sounds fun :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Hi Denise, The jug is actually Falcon Ware, but well spotted I think it's extremely similar to the Royal Vale one. Its name is 'Glorious Devon'. (It went extremely well at the Charity Shop, I managed to only make one purchase too, but oooh..the temptation!! Lol!

    Sue xxx


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