Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Polytunnel progress - ongoing!

Over the weekend Lovely Hubby did more to the polytunnel, he managed to put together the three doors, two for the front and a single for the back and get the front ones dug in. Also in place now is the long raised bed that will be under the workbench area, this has been filled well rotted horse manure and will be topped with sifted soil from our spoil mountain.
Progress is quite slow as there is actually so much to do, lots of bitty bits that you don't really think of and the strange weather we've been having hasn't helped much. We do what we can between showers and the actual polythene will have to wait for a completely wind-free day. Hopefully this will be before next week when our new workers (oops.....I mean guests) arrive.
Cappachino, Jemima and Little Lovely at work.
He has had some little helpers, they are busy sorting out the well rotted horse manure that is waiting to go in the beds, this was picked up by LH from some stables in the village. My Hubby has taken to accosting strange women on horseback and asking if he can have their manure (well the horses' actually not theirs'). This is mainly in preparation for the worm business that will be kicking off in autumn, but I have managed to cadge quite a bit for my polytunnel and veggie beds.
Me, my girls and my muck.
Who'd have thought a year ago that this would make me happy!

Sophie is still obsessed with the new arrivals and is constantly running round and round their Eglu, I think she will be fine once they are out and about and she can have a good sniff, but we can't let them free yet, they are still so small, and with Archie the hunting cat and the Red Kites and Buzzards they wouldn't stand a chance.

Gratuitous shot of handsome son and gorgeous Sophie.

Have a lovely day.

Sue xx


  1. I always think that horse manure makes such a lovely prop for photographs,don't you? ;-)
    Good luck to him with the poly tunnel!

  2. Hi Sue
    Very envious of your poly tunnel - it is going to be great! Will you have a tunnel warming party?
    Thanks for another fun post.
    Have a good week - maybe the rain will ease?
    Denise x


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