Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Not going Egg-actly to plan!!

Our little Broody House

Well we have our little broody house installed in the chicken run and in it are the 6 fertilised eggs and 2 of our girls eggs (hard-boiled). Our fussy little ladies are evicting the fertilised eggs and leaving all theirs in the main cosy nesting box. Ironically the chicken that is the broodiest is Mother, so we'll give her a go.
If this doesn't work the next step will be to buy a couple of POL chickens instead. We have a brand new Eglu sitting otside the house so we will have to integrate them into the flock gradually but let the newcomers live in the Eglu.

Last nights peas.

In the meantime we are busy harvesting the peas on a daily basis, and yummy they are too, especially the ones that are cooked. Lovely Hubby is getting in the habit of picking and eating a pod full every time he passes by so all kisses are pea flavoured at the moment!!
Just off to pick some for tea. Have a lovely evening.
Sue xx


  1. Good luck with the chooks!
    The peas look fantastic!x

  2. Love the little broody house.. (I'd paint it,naturally!)
    I think those chickens need taking in hand though!;-)

  3. Hi Sue,

    Had terrible trouble trying to comment on your posts lately!

    The hen house is great, just gotta get those pesky chickens in order now eh!

    Rose XXX


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