Monday, 6 July 2009

Windy, busy day.

Today started lovely, so we got stuck in, Lovely Hubby with more work on the polytunnel and me attacking the weeds on the onion beds, then the rain came bringing with it the wind. So LH decided indoor work was the order of the day.

The finished windowsill - I love it!

I was despatched to buy tile edging while he got to work measuring and cutting the tiles for my kitchen windowsill. While he was busy the wind got worse and decided to blow away our table and umbrella, needless to say the umbrella is no longer in one piece.
Now the evening is windy, but sunny, the table is awaiting repair and whilst LH does a spot of ironing I am online getting the details for Linkabord raised beds, surely the best invention since sliced bread (well in my opinion). We are about to sit down and plan out the interior of the polytunnel, yes we are but a few steps away from indoor cultivation.
Doors awaiting completion.

The final steps, the polythene and the groundsheet.

Sue xx

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