Friday, 17 July 2009

Farmers Markets and Committee Meetings

The plant stall.

Our lovely Farmers market is held monthly in the Village Hall, there are eight stalls,plus the refreshment 'stall' run from the village hall kitchen, serving tea, coffee and bacon butties.

The cake stall.

But there is a chunnering in the village, the Village Hall Committee have decided in their wisdom they may want to hand over control of the Farmers Market to the Farmers themselves.

Lovely Lavender on the plant stall.

It could be because of the comments by us (the Farmers) at the last Committee Meeting (which we were invited to for our 'input') that the Committees' stall the 'Refreshment Stall' should be paying the same price for their table as us and donating to the monthly raffle in the same way that we are expected t0.

There is a lovely Lavender Stall too!!

They have been a wondering where the signs advertising the Farmers Markets have been vanishing to from the roundabouts and kerbsides of the neighbourhood, and it was pointed out by some of the Farmers that already run other towns Farmers Markets that you do actually need permission to go around erecting roadside signs all over the lovely English countryside.
Oooh.....the cheese stall.
So maybe they thought in their wisdom, that 'oops some of them there Farmers know slightly more about this than us and maybe they can do better'.....can we....only time will tell, if this goes ahead there will be more work for some of us, but maybe more control would also be a good thing.

Mmmm....did I mention the cake stall!

Sue xx

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  1. oh no, committees! I'm on one myself and there is more arguing over refreshments then anything! I don't know, what it is about cakes that creates havoc?

    Good luck with running the market yourself. It looks like a well run one and you have some lovely stalls


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