Thursday, 9 July 2009

Royal Mail I love You!!

My potential new babies.
The things you can get through the post.......amazing!!
Yesterday I took delivery of six fertilised eggs, hopefully they will hatch out and increase our little flock of girls. They will make the flock look a little more interesting as they are six different pure breeds. We have one of each of Rhode Island Red, Black Copper Maran, Light Sussex, Buff Orpington, Cuckoo Cochin and Legbar. Hopefully they will also help Lovely Hubby with indentification as I am frequently being asked....'am I cuddling Milly or Molly' or 'is that Lovely or Angel laying the egg on the sofa'.
I am hoping and praying there will be some girls amongst them, imagine the noise and the problems with six cockerels and the thought of having to cook our first little babies would be dreadful. Now I just have to hope I can keep one of my little ladies nice and broody until the Eglu that is to be the new familes home arrives on Tuesday. A couple of eggs will have to be sacrificed today for one of the ladies to sit on and practice keeping a brood warm.
Then just now the nice Parcel Force man has brought me a big box full of egg boxes and a big tub of oyster grit. Yes our little egg selling empire has begun in earnest, I managed to sell four and a half dozen on Sunday and used up the last of our recyled boxes, so I had to put in a much more professional order in of 300!

And lastly, the nicest thing to arrive in the post was this beautiful little girl below. Bought from the lovely Nicky at The Vintage Magpie.

When I went to the Vintage and Handmade Fair, I had limited funds (haha...not what LH would call them) and had to make the choice between a gorgeous ragdoll 'Ruby' from Nicky at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse and a teddy wearing a little cream cardigan from The Vintage Magpies' gorgeous stall. My mind flashed to the beautiful little rabbit that resided on Nickys webshop, so at the fair I chose the doll, knowing on my return I could order this lovely little girl.

So Rosie is now sitting quietly after her long journey taking in all the new sights and sounds of this madhouse, when she is suitable acclimatised she will take up residence with a VERY special little friend that is just 'itching' to meet her! All will be revealed!!

Sue xx

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