Saturday, 4 July 2009

Farmers Markets in the middle of Nowhere....

Yesterday I did a Farmers Market, it was in the middle of nowhere, a railway park and ride station opening. Although it had been quite well advertised in its locality there were no signs on any of the roads leading to it to catch passing motorists (who could have been our best customers).

We were promised lots of council office workers (but who would give up their Friday lunchtime to trek to a station to catch the free train to the park and ride and then have to dash back to work afterwards). So we had the big fanfare of the opening, the Government Transport Minister came round to introduce himself and shake hands, followed closely by his entourage of men in pinstripe suits, none of whom spent a penny.

They all hopped on the next train out of there, the roving band made a half hearted attempt to stay a while and make happy music, us stallholders stood around, looking at each other and wondering why we had accepted this invitation. The food stall, busy cooking lovely bacon buns and selling cold drinks wondered why he was there when it turned out that round the corner, by the station entrance the station had set up a stall giving customers free burgers and drinks.

All in all a waste of time, almost!

I met a lovely lady who immediately on arriving home sent me an email containing a list of craft fairs for the run up to Christmas, some that she organises and some that friends of hers do, so no more wind swept car parks for me. I shall be making bookings for indoor craft fairs, in cosy village halls and see how my lovely lavender goodies go down there.

Oh, and did I mention that I paid out £34 for a gazebo for yesterdays event as I don't usually need one and was told I must have one for this, and I took the princely sum of £37 for 7 hours work (for work read, standing around holding a gazebo down against a gale force wind). A days profit of £3.......................

Sorry for the whinge, better out than in. Normal service will be resumed shortly, I'm off to cut the grass and start sorting for tomorrows car boot sale. My de-cluttering continues.

Sue xx

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  1. Oh Sue, that's pants, poor you. Still, things can only get better with the indoor craft fairs.
    Hen x
    P.S. Do you grow your own lavender because it's the one thing I just cannot grow (but really want to).


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