Saturday, 4 July 2009

Polytunnel progress

My poly tunnel has now been taken out of all these packages and the metal framework is firmly embedded in the ground. Lovely Hubby has spent the day levelling the ground inside the framework and assembling the doors, I am having a double door at the front and a single at the back, so there should be a nice through breeze to cool things down slightly.
I have never seen so many packages, containing so many bits and pieces, it is like a huge complicated jigsaw, but hopefully when it's all up and in action it will have been worth all the headaches and struggling the assembly has caused.
NO chickens will be allowed in to eat our veggies, at last there will be a chicken-free zone.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, oh I'd love a poly tunnel. We have a big problem with rabbits and frost, being quite high up. I'd love to see some piccy's when it's all set up.
    Bertie x

  2. Everything is looking great, the farmers market stall looks lovely too, I think you should definately do a stall at the Witney Farmers Market so I can come and have a look LOL! Jasonx


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