Friday, 10 July 2009

Bountiful Basil and Special Friends

One of the herbs that I think I love the most is in abundant supply this year. I have 5 pots of the glorious stuff dotted around the kitchen and the stall holders at the Farmers Market meeting the other night were saying how well theirs is doing.
I can see lots of lovely tomato and basil pasta sauce coming up and lots of pesto being made in this kitchen.
Overnight a magical friendship developed, with Baby the Hedgehog leaving the safety of his little carrying home and taking up refuge in the arms of Rosie the Rabbit! I came down to a slightly more crowded windowsill.
Aw.......we all need a special friend.
Sue xx

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  1. We are beginning to live on fresh basil here too Sue. Isn't it wonderful? Love that all your new girls are settling in and more being added x


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