Monday, 13 July 2009

Our Weekend

Lovely Hubby and his Mum - Jessie.
Our weekend was spent as usual rushing from place to place, pillar to post, achieving lots, all with a sprinkle of teasing, lots of laughs and lovely homegrown food around the farmhouse table.
Lovely Hubbys' mum has been with us for the last two weeks and has experienced life on the farm for the first time, I think (and hope) she was impressed at our little set up. I know she enjoyed the laughs and the animals the most. She was woken up many a time from her afternoon nap by an irate chicken demanding to know when corn would be available. Or a soaking wet cat on her knee demanding attention and petting.
During the two weeks she has experienced baking hot sunshine, gale force winds, torrential rain, RAF flypasts on an almost nightly basis, wandered around the farm on her own at her own insistence, while I sat at home with bated breath as if my toddler was playing out for the first time. She learnt to cook on the Aga and proved herself a whiz at making the many cups of tea and coffee we get through, washed enough pots to restock a restaurant kitchen, learnt to talk 'chicken' and generally behaved like the perfect houseguest.
On Saturday while I did a quick run to the shops (this takes at least 3 hours, thanks to our being slightly off the beaten track) she went with LH to fetch two trailer loads of manure from the stables on the farm (not something we subject all our guests to I hasten to add), sat patiently while he fixed a flat tyre on the trailer then 10 minutes later watched (and felt) with amusement while the trailer sank into the mud.
She came to visit the Farmers Market in the village hall on Sunday morning, sampling the delights of the Great Haseley bacon buttie (a much revered Sunday tradition). Then after a homecooked lunch we drove her to the airport for her flight back to Edinburgh, a brave journey for a blind lady in her 80th year.
Now we have a double bedroom available, the next guests are only a few days away, so come on down, the farmhouse holiday of the year know who you are!! We have spare spades and wellies in every size....there are NO excuses!!
Sue xx


  1. Your mum in law is amazing!
    My mum will be 84 at the end of this week...she is amazing too!
    Hope you are keeping well ...and busy!

  2. Sounds a great lady Sue. Could do with someone like that around here! x


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